Thursday, December 24, 2009

Loki on parade

The past few days have been extremely exiting for me. Balder con, a corpmate of mine, has decided to start operation "christmas present" (cheesy, I know) which consists of some veteran members of Maverick navy, Core Impulse, and random mutual friends of ours beating the living crud out of people living in domain.

As I packed up my carrier, I figured I wouldn't fly my loki at all, preferring the heavier Maelstrom for lowsec operations. But after doing some scouting around in the Loki It was determined that the scan probe launcher/cloak/shield buffer setup was invaluable to our operations. This was discovered during this kill (Protip, don't run a mission with hostiles in local). Having the power to not only scan something out, but also tackle and put a fair amount of dps on it my opinion.....worth the cost of the ship.

Speaking of the ship itself, here it is.....because what is a post if it contains no pictures?
She is called the mako, and I do believe it preforms the duties of a shark quite well. Maybe her teeth aren't as sharp as my cynabal or vagabond, but neither of them can warp cloaked and neither of them can find yummy spaceship bits that are hidden in deep space.

Since the abso kill my loki has racked up 12 more kills in the last day, in battles such as this and this (the highlight of my day probably being that loki kill, as I managed to bump both the domi and the other loki off gate so they were unable to jump despite deagressing).

Also, probably the most challenging battle in my opinion happened to be the one with the least amount of isk involved. Me and Ospie were flying around in rifters, and happened across a crow. I got there after he tackled it, after I arrived he promptly died..... Shortly after the first crow went down, a second arrived (conveniently in my scramblers range) and despite taking a lot of damage from the first crow, the second eventually went down as well.

Just to show you how hard it was for me to win this.....please examine exhibit A:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A wormhole apart...

A wormhole, such a lovely wormhole.....

Recently I've been diving into wormholes to both cause pain and collect isk. Since my time in the lovely wormhole ganking channel (whos name I will not disclose :P) I've found ive had an affinity for trying to find people to gank in wormholes.

The one thing I love the most about that channel is how people come together, who arent blue to each other.....and sometimes are even red to each other, and work together to kill the bears of care.

So lately ive been running around new eden into different wormholes (sometimes ones that I found sometimes ones that other people have found) and trying to kill people. Being mostly foiled by poses anchored in w space, and cloaky devices...... but hey, ive had fun....and that is what matters.

So now I find myself in a backwater system trying to decide if I should go party with some friends and have a Christmas killing spree in lowsec, or continue sitting on this W-hole so my corp can establish a beachhead inside......ohh decisions....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New awesome video from CCP

This video is called "butterfly effect" And it is awesome.

Check it out here.

My internet is fixed.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Haagaroth down...

About the time I was ready to go to bed (0700 eve time) I get a message saying that there is a dread tackled outside of the friendly (Veritas Immortalis) station in n7. I hop in my thanatos carrier and jump to n7 to find that its not just a moros there, but also a thanatos piloted by the famous pilot Haargoth Agamar (the bob defector.)

So, as all the atlas carriers landed on station we first killed Haargoth, and then his friend in a moros.

I was about to go to sleep shortly afterwords, so I headed for home.

And Im kind of glad I did, because somehow, someway this happened. I was looking for battle reports, but could not find anything on the topic....ill keep my ears peeled.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

War in the east

Right now, as I'm typing this post, an atlas fleet of about 200 is sitting on a AAA tower boosting it.

Apparently PL has gone pretty crazy as far as reinforcing all of atlas and allies R64 (dysrpo and others) moons. I am not at all concerned of any impeding "Invasions" because if PL & friends (basically PL and goonswarm) wanted to / could kill us, they would have done it by now.

Personally, me and a LOT of other people in atlas are craving a fight right now...and Its a fight that wont happen for quite a long time unfortunately.

I will be posting any further developments when (and if) they occur.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Children of sol

Welcome to the future of MMO game play.

First of all, we would like to say that we are NOT an eve clone. While CCP did many many things right when making eve, and we would be stupid to throw all of that away, this game is going to have many features and ideas that no other mmo has had.

Events in Children of Sol Universe are set around about 51,000 years from present day within our current galaxy, the Milky Way. This time is also several hundred years after the main factions of humanity make first contact.

There are 2 main Races, or Empires, the House of Kacylis, and the Arkaedos Federation. Both races are genetic descendants of humanity. They are also technologically advanced, near post-scarcity empires, with tens of trillions of inhabitants living in space or on one of many thousands of settled worlds.

Each are striving towards there own version of post-humanism, or the next phase of human evolution. Each faction is also constructing a Great Core, the foundations of Dyson Sphere, used primarily to meet the energy demands of the civilisations.

So what is the experience for the player going to be like? Well, first of all....the players and player-driven organizations are going to have a large impact on the storyline as a whole. This is YOUR game and YOUR story! Weather you are a small time pirate, or a military powerhouse....your alliances and grudges will determine any outcome of the storyline.

I will be making more post about this at a later time, as development continues and more renders are taken. But untill then, some screen shots.

More information can be found at

Monday, July 20, 2009

On the subject of screwing around in a 0.0 alliance.

To be honest, I don't see any problem with people who are fighting a war in 0.0 screwing around in lowsec on occasion. First of all, it helps morale (tremendously) it also keeps people sharp during conflicts where fights are.....less than common (aka most of them)...

So, why do people have a problem with it?

Well, first of all it kind of insults an unwritten rule of strategy....that being something along the lines of "Keep your forces focused and don't split them up". It also inflates corp/alliance killboards with a lot of "useless" kills such as hauler ganks and ratter ganks and the lot. Honestly though...Its fun, I play this game to have fun, and if I cant have fun in a corp then there is no point for my playing the game.

Fortunately for me, I have the option to return to 0.0 at quite literally a moments notice in order to attend the all important call to arms (thank god to jump clones). I also have my carrier alt sitting in a staging system in 0.0 who is ready to go fight all the time.

I suppose most of the fussing comes from my corp quite literally trippling in size over the last few months.....but it seems that the drama lamas are going away and that people are learning to get along.

SO, untill bobby atlas gets his ass in gear and calls a cta....I suppose ill be ganking more things down in yong.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

0.0 Heating up and lowsec chilling out...

Well today has been moderately interesting so far (pretty nice considering its only about 10:00 my time).

First of all, 0.0 is heating up. I have been sitting in a staging system with my carrier alt all day waiting for something or other to happen...

In the meantime I've been screwing around in yong on my main (WITH A DIFFERENT CHARACTER.......shut up AVI, I HAVE BEEN ATTENDING CTAs!).

So far its been pretty productive.

As I was writing this post Our cap fleet was dropped upon a poor hostile fleet trying to seige one of our poses. They unfortunately warped off as soon as the saber un-cloaked (unfortunately killing said saber) but we did score a few kills....which are not on the killboard yet so ill link later.

In either case, things should be pretty interesting this week. And there will be many more posts to come!

Friday, July 17, 2009

A post!

Yes, I have indeed returned.....I think.

I don't want to cover things in to much detail as I'm tired, but here is the basic rundown:
  • Maverick navy joined atlas alliance and we helped take detroid
  • Darkside can use tech 2 large guns \0/
  • I hit 600 career kills the other day
  • RL is getting in the way of eve (Or to be more correct, eve is failing to get in the way of RL)

So for the most part that is it. Hopefully I will have some more interesting stories later (such as this one here). But until then ill be somewhere in 0.0 screwing with someone....somewhere.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well im back for the most part

I took a pretty big arse hiatus for a while. Not from eve, but from the blogosphere all together.

I have been very busy as of lately, school has been a biotch and is only getting more intense this time of year....and a new relationship is chewing up a lot of my free time.

I think that only being 16, which is a few years younger than the average age eve player according to the most recent really taking its toll on my time playing and blogging. I have a car, I can drive, and I have friends..... that is 90% of why this happens. But I don't plan on quitting eve, maybe for a few months until the dust settles but I don't plan on canceling my sub or anything.....

Anyways, I think that its due time I say what has been up in the eve world as of lately...

Right now, my corp just left (Or is about to, I'm only mentioning it as all of our assets are already evacuated from the former space) the (fail) alliance PMS (puppet masters) and we are going to piwate around domain for a while while we look for more fun things to do.

As of my eve life, I just finished training for medium tech 2 projectiles, so I'm having fun flying my (more effective) Rapier, as well as a cynabal I picked up on contract market for cheap.

I still think that faction cruisers are waaaaay UP, but this one is actually useful to a degree. 2.1km/s top speed (3.4 when overloaded IIRC) and about 150dps of tank. Its like a toned down stabber, more dps, and slower, but you can actually tank the 1 AF that manages to scramble you every once in a great unlucky while (never happened to me, it was a rifter and not an AF).

I'm still not sure what to do with myself in eve to be honest, I know for sure im sticking with my current corp. But I think I no longer have much of an interest of being a big important leadership person. Don't get me wrong, I intend to FC for a long time to come.......

Now thats not to say that I wouldn't take an opportunity like that if It were for the better of the mavs, but whatever.

I am looking foreword to a (not fail) alliance though, I definitely want to use my carrier in a fight with reliable support. That and maybe some capital ganks in the domain area (MVN have already killed a rorq and a chimera I missed out on).

In either case, ill be posting with more regularity now.....or so I think : /.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

More capital ganks

Well, some stuff happened this weekend as it always does without fail. I was sitting in Yong with my alt Cerettela who is in either a Thanatos or a Sin you can pretty much bet your ass, and as things turned out we were pretty fortunate this weekend as some pretty crazy stuff happened

So I had ordered some stuff that a blue guy was going to bring down to lowsec for me (another nano-onerios to be exact, the first one got me tons of cool fights). He was putting the last touches on his carrier (or attemtping to) that was docked in gemodi. Anyone who knows about the station in gemodi, knows that once you undock, you will find yourself 2km out of docking range.

Well, it seems for some reason cva pets (and people who are red to cva) just LOVE to dock and undock their capitals from there. It also seems that since that system is extremely close to the system we operate out of, that we tend to kill people undocking from said station with great regularity.

Following along the same lines as the previous gank (a rorq), we had a report from the guy getting fittings for me that there was a chimera going to and fro said station and going to a safespot (the same one every time). After a while a fleet got started by us, and we managed to scan out the aformentioned safespot and put a harby (Or harpy, I couldn't understand the guy who was saying it) in that safespot. Well anyways, the plan was to warp our battleships to a safespot in system, wait till he undocks and warps to a safespot, tackle and kill him.

He jumped the gun and saw the person who was in our safespot before the rest of the fleet was in position, we figured we weren't going to get the kill at that point. Then something crazy happened, he went 10km off the station and cloaked directly under it.

Avicenna, the proud CEO and Furher of MVN, brafely flew his buffer abbadon down towards the bottom of the station, decloaking the unbeliever and subsequently warp disrupting + jamming him. Cardking undocks, and I jump in. I was panicking at first as I was 30km from station, but local was clear and it didn't seem like the carrior pilot's corp or alliance was going to try and help him, so I just slowboated it back towards the station. I think his feathers were so ruffled he didn't try to fight back save having fighters on Avi for a few seconds. He logged on and off constantly, trying to save his carrier somehow. But after about 5-6 minutes (I dont honestly remember) His Carrier was no more and we jumped both of our caps out, scratch free.

I figured that there wasn't going to be much to top that today, but wait, whats this? There is a second chimera in system?

This guy ovbiously wasn't payin much attention or potentially to bored for his own good, he was shooting his cyno alt, neuting his cyno alt, etc.

So while we try to decloak a navy raven on a gate 2 jumps away we keep a scout + tackle in system and await his undock. Then we see a bunch of his corpmates showing up in ships and leaving in shuttles, we figured that he was getting ready to jump as his ship maint' bay was probably full at this point. So we warped the fleet to the gemodi gate, double checked that all the cynos were ready, and prepared for a second gank.

After seeing bunch more shuttles undock and Cardking having a heart attack every time one did, the carrier finally undocked. Our pilot tackled him, the (rather small at this point) support fleet warped to the pilot on station, and the cyno was lit. I cannot imagine his suprise as 2x Thanatos, Moros, Aeon, and Chimera jumped in on him. Suffice to say he will need a new pair of pants as well as a new carrier.

Video avaliable here. (Make sure you dowload, the flash player is just a minute long preview)

On a sidenote Ive been offered to start FCing for MVN, an offer which I was all to eager to take. I may be a bit rusty from not leading a "REAL' fleet for a while, but with the amount of talent in this corp I think it wont take me long at all to get back in the swing of things.

On a sidenote^2 I have solved most of my RL issues (Some with roses, others with a .357 magnum) So I should be posting with greater regularity now :).

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fun stuff happening this weekend.

Death of a Rorquoral (or however you spell it)

Well, It was a stressfull IRL week for me, and it seems as though eve is just extremely exiting atm.

First of all, most of WiOD's pvp pilots have joined up with my old corp, the Maverick Navy....currently a member of Southern Cross alliance. Currently GBC ops have been total crap/turkey shoots. So, as a result, many of us have returned to our old stomping grounds (Domain) as pirates.

Just as a history lesson for those of you who are going to bitch slap me for being a gnasty gnasty piwate, MVN (and me) fought for the safety of providence till, and after, IAC disbanded. So we are simply reaping the fat of our sucess :). (And I lost a carrier defending a cyno jammer in TRPFU, so screw you!)

In either case, we have been having a blast with MVN (and ive been pwning with old friends) and it couldn't have come at a better time.

And tonight we killed a Rorq, so its pretty damn awesome fat If I do say so myself.

Anyways, Ill have to get into more detail later, Im going to go blow my share of the loot on another Oneiros. Or Huginn, I haven't decided yet....


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lots of news this week....

Well, it seems as though many interesting things have happened this week.

The most prominent of these things is that Band Of Brothers no longer exists in any official capacity (exept for a goonswarm created alliance called Band Of Brothers, created just to make sure BOB cant take thier name back). Last night a goonswarm director-level spy took out all the ISK in the Black nova master wallet in order to prevent the alliance fee from being payed. The alliance was closed and all of BOB's space SOV status was reset. Can anyone say "Cyno in NOL?"

Anyways, this is absolutely hilarious....I used to be in a GBC corp and I am TERRIBLY tempted to go back just so I can get involved in this fight. And when I say im terribly tempted I mean TERRIBLY TEMPTED..... (Sorry beo and dylan, we better get to wardecing people soon so I dont leave).

As far as faction warfare is concerned, things have been going pretty darn well, since there is technichally no endgame to FW we arent exactly winning or loosing, but It should suffice to say we are doing pretty well. Me and a few other people are trying to get the gallente a bit more of a centric leadership going, so we should be doing EVEN BETTER pretty soon.

And yes, the caldari are taking our space...but it is kind of irrelevant.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Making progress.

Anyways, the weekend was going prtty damn good as far as Im concerned. Removal of caldari space shit (PoSes) A totally lopsided fight after the pos went down by squids trying to save the pos, see here. And had a few good fights in the following hours. I played eve, to be honest, a lot more than I should have this weekend. And I think that I got nothing productive good compared to other weekends as well. Also, Im pretty much soely repsonsible for bringing the corp sucess ratio from 94 to 91 percent (I lost an eos to nothing but smartbombs, long story) and all 3 stabbers in the corp hangar. Now, the stabbers are no big deal since the corp already has 10 more being built, but to my suprise I didn't even blink when the eos went boom and all of my implants with it. I think as soon as I heard that the support fleet was being cut down right after I was wing warped, I knew what was coming. Anyway, thanks to usual....lag in the essence/black rise region......I was dead before grid loaded.

Speaking of lag, its been terrible around here lately. We can barely have a 30v30 without the servers taking a shit in our lap.....seriously. Ive had fights back in GBC with 1400+ people where there was less lag than some of these, so yeah.....kind of annoying.

Aside from the lag and smartbomb blobs, I have been doing a bit of brainstorming as of lately:

Right now my corp produces tech 1 fit ships for corporate use. We have been making it very sucesfull, and IDK how much the corp wallet can take but It seems as though we can sustain ourselves for a while.

I am trying as hard as I can with this corp to create a place where PVPers can go, and can still PVP without having to earn any isk (because its a drag). I think this is how real corporations should be run in eve TBH. Maybe some more asset controls to make sure people dont run off with ships and stuff but it works as-is with cheap stuff. Im wondering if we could scale it up to more members, because Im sure if we could offer corp-issue battlecruisers and even battleships, many veteran PVPers would jump on the bandwagon in no time flat.

Either way, WiOD is making progress, and I hope the trend continues. We have done recruiting lately and have gotten 4-6 pretty new people that we are focusing on training at the current point in time. It seems as though we have gotten better people out of recruting from newer player pools than veteran players because newer people that you train and help equip seem to be a bit more loyal.

On a more personal note though, when I get home today I should be 3 hours away from Minnie cruiser V, and at that point ill be able to fly most minnie tech 2 ships, and I can't wait to get in a Huginn/rapier. Maybe its just that Ive been damn near killed by those ships for far to long, but either way it should be pretty fun, even in thier "post nerf" state.

There is also the possibility of starting up a gallente militia podcast which I should be particpating in, so that sounds pretty fun as well. Either way Ill have news later.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Arsekicking goodness.

While we didn't quite hit the 100 kill goal I wished for our first weekend in Faction warfare, we came pretty damn close.

KB stats

As far as I'm concerned, I'm fairly impressed with the performance of the WiOD members. Another thing we noticed is that a lot of our older less active members have returned now that stuff is....err....happening...

So right now, I'm just glad that I can bitch at people for making the K/L ratio drop below 90%, for the first time in my entire time in WiOD I feel a bit of pride being the combat director of this corp. They have gone from a bunch of 0.0 carebears to bloodthirsty PVPers, partially in thanks to the person who ripped our corp off and encouraged us to step down our industry a bit. (On a sidenote, if you ever see Black harbinger or spaceslag in game, kill them)

As for me, I have been quite enjoying myself, I have participated in a few fights over the weekend Here Here and Here, and I have FCed a few as well. One especially fun fight which was our first RRing BC gang for WIOD + a few extra members, where we managed to get a warp in on their fleet and killed every single one of their battlecruisers. (note: we only had 19 people in fleets, the battle stats page on the FW killboard is a bit skewed since it takes all fighting that happens within the next few minutes into account, most of the battlecruisers + all WIOD members were the ACTUAL fleet members. And we killed The battlecruisers, the scorpion and other stuff must have happened afterwords.)

Either way though, we are having copious amounts of fun, and we have plans for running a bit more diverse gangs in the future.

I'm also pretty pumped about the new expansion, I intend to train the prerequisites for t3 ships as soon as the information is released. I also am training minmatar cruiser V on Darkside atm, so he will be able to fly every tech 2 ship for minmatar barring frigates and battlecruisers.

Also, cerettela is currently training for a Sin class black ops, which I intend to use in a supportive role to jump stealth bombers/recons/etc behind enemy lines. I'm told that the blackops is a ship struggling to find a place in eve, but I think now that the tier 1 tech 2 haulers can use the jump portal now, the fuel problem may be solved. Also, I could park the ship in villore with a can of Oxy isos next to me and jump bridge a bunch of crap less than 5 jumps from tama, assuming that I can either train up covert cyno fields on dark or find some who has done so already. Either way, the is another one of those things where I am quite metaphorically shitting my pants with exitement as I will be able to use a Rapier/Huginn (<- Real reason im training minnie cruiser V)/Vagabond/Muninn/Broadsword/Slepnir/Claymore/Sin Within the next 10 days, although the jump portal gen will take about 18 days in addition to that.

So I suppose I will spend 10 days accumulating a bit more isk (as I plan to faction fit the Sin) and pondering fittings.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First day (back) in faction warfare.

Well, we made a fleet, tried to get some missions done, tried to rescue a corp member from mission thieves, Did some FW missions, and got in a fight.

As you can see, It didn't go to well, but thats not suprising considering they had nine ships to our 4....

But either way, Im having fun so far and corp efficiency is at 84% so im not going to complain....

But im still alive ,and should be posting more often now.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cerettala > Cerettala > 2009.01.12 23:40 Notify skill training gallente carrier 5 is complete

Well, I think this is rather post worthy....but finally my carrier alt can fly among the best carrier pilots in the game (and her support skills arent to shabby either :) ).

This does bring up another subject though, why do people invest so much time and effort into this game?

Lately Ive been wondering roughly the same thing, so I figure I might attempt to give some insight into this.

But there will be time for that later.....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Worlds collide, a pair of noobs (they were from 11.08 :) ), and a drake with emorage.....

Ok, im about to go to bed so this is going to be short.. I found a megathron and a myrmidon in a mission scanning in dodixie.I pretended to be stupid so they would shoot me while I was looting their mission, they did. I Didn't have the range to scramble the myrmidon(Leo Soulnar) (the megathron, PreZiDenT1, didn't aggro me) when I went back in in my mach, so he warped off

The following ensued:

[03:31:44] PreZiDenT1 > darkstar34 wins the knobhead award for january 2009
[03:32:13] Darkside 34 > You spelled my name wrong :<
[03:32:25] Darkside 34 > Is that what I get for pretending to be mentally inept?
[03:32:41] PreZiDenT1 > pretending?
[03:32:49] Darkside 34 > heh :p
[03:32:51] PreZiDenT1 > :D
[03:32:57] Darkside 34 > I figure i might get lucky and he would be in my scram range......
[03:33:05] Leo solunar > :)
[03:33:10] Leo solunar > I don't think it was a knobhead
[03:33:16] Leo solunar > I thought it was fairplay and well played
[03:33:17] PreZiDenT1 > yea, i told him to get the fook out
[03:33:19] PreZiDenT1 > :D
[03:33:31] Darkside 34 > And who ended up getting out in the end :P
[03:33:37] Leo solunar > Exactly :)
[03:33:40] Darkside 34 > Anyways, Doesn't matter
[03:33:43] Leo solunar > For good reasond
[03:33:46] Leo solunar > reasons*
[03:33:47] Leo solunar > I agree
[03:33:57] Leo solunar > Better luck next time :)
[03:33:59] PreZiDenT1 > stop smurfing lol, i thought i had a good chance against you
[03:34:02] Leo solunar > and good luck in your travels
[03:34:32] Darkside 34 > Thx
[03:34:42] Darkside 34 > you to
[03:36:27] PreZiDenT1 > :D
[03:36:44] PreZiDenT1 > nice try, i almost fell for it too heh
[03:37:01] PreZiDenT1 > but then i thought, what noob would find the mission anyway...
[03:37:23] Darkside 34 > Well lucky me, I get to scan on an alt now.....
[03:37:31] Darkside 34 > Idle chat in local gets pirates no where.....
[03:37:46] Leo solunar > Alt? Who's alt?
[03:41:16] Leo solunar > This is a fun mission btw :)
[03:42:07] PreZiDenT1 > indeed it is :D
[03:42:15] PreZiDenT1 > that catalyst looks tasty...
[03:42:17] PreZiDenT1 > hmm
[03:42:21] PreZiDenT1 > :p
[04:00:43] Leo solunar > BTW - I await a full report on your blog of how awesome I am :D K? Cool :P
[04:00:52] Darkside 34 > lol....
[04:00:57] Darkside 34 > I MIGHT oblige....
[04:01:08] Darkside 34 > at least you should understand my boredom now
[04:01:37] Leo solunar > :) I never had doubts!
[04:07:37] Leo solunar > I'm off the system now - So see you around o7 I'll comment on your blog! :P

Posting because he wanted me to.

Anyways, about me....since this blog IS about me, Ive kind of taken a break from my normal bored life and taken a few of my members out hunting in hisec.

Mainly its good practice scanning, but I also wanted to get some kills with the machariel....and there is NO way its going into lowsec...

But anyways, I think pirates and carebears could get along better if there were more people like Leo, he didn't take anything TO personally....and he laughed along with the rest of us when I started saying things like "why r shooting at me?"

Overall, I think it was fun for both parties, I got to scare a bunch of people out of a mission, and they got a good scare. And it was worth the adrenaline rush of me leaving docking range in a ship worth more than 2.5b isk.....

So I moved on, to find a drake in a mission:
[04:09:40] Chicken Cannon > dark feel free all you had to do was ask but... I know how you guys work
[04:10:48] Darkside 34 > hehe
[04:10:52] Darkside 34 > Im a retired carebear
[04:10:58] Darkside 34 > I know how you guys work....
[04:11:10] Darkside 34 > Ill split it with you if you tell me a joke
[04:11:26] Darkside 34 > (im serious)
[04:11:31] Chicken Cannon > I'll pass
(Chicken logs off, and no thats not a dis, its his name....)
I sent him a contract with 1/2 of the salvage I got from his room, I would have done tags to but you can't contract them...

Anyways, Im a little soft for a pirate....but then again I wouldn't REALLY consider myself a pirate....yet....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The one that got away....

So me, 2 corpmates, and a friend from bob were chilling near our current lowsec home while I was trying to scan people down with my Lachesis for fun...

And then the following happens on vent:
Assassins: Neutral Rorquoral and hulk undocking from m11 station in stral.
Me: watch where they warp
Assassins: they both went to planet XII or one of the belts.
Me: yeah, probably a pos
Assassins: negative, no poses at XII.
Me: everyone get to stral gate right now.

So, I warp in to XII planet and drop a short range probe, figuring the rorq was a 100km or so off belt.

I get a hit at 0m accuracy and since he doesn't seem spooked by our prescense, and to ensure he doesn't get away if he has stabs, I get the rest of my fleet members to warp to me (stabber, thorax, vexor).

I wing warp us at 10km from the rorq, we land 10km away from him.

We all get points on him and I tell my guys to inore the original plan and screw the hulk, it doesnt' matter if we can kill the rorq.

So we put all of our DPS on the rorq, hulk warps out eventually and the rorq's drones arent giving us to much of a problem.

However, the stabber pilot (also the bob pilot) gets lagged out and cant activate any modules or warp out. We stay in there, and kept shooting. Then a raven shows up at 100km fitted with cruise missiles. He starts shooting at us and a few of us have to warp out but come back right away so it isn't much of a problem. He ovbiously has a capital booster, we cant get his shields down 10% before he reps them back up. So we keep shooting, its late at night and his russian friends are likely to be at work.

After about 3-4 minutes I get aggro from the raven and the drones and have to warp out, so I do. There is a bit of warp out delay due to this system being on a screwed up server, but I get out fine with minimal armor damage. When I get back, the rorq is at 50% shields (and dropping fast I might add) It seems as though our cruisers (with fighters assigned to them from my carrier alt at a pos) are having a bit of sucess....

Then the shit hits the fan, the system starts lagging out like crazy. I get primaried and I press the warp button the second I see his drones turn yellow to me. Nothing happens. Next thing I know im in a pod, I press the warp button, after 15 seconds I finally warp to the pos.

At this point he is down to 1/4 shields and the fighters are having no problem killing him but we are having trouble keeping someone on grid to keep a point.

One of our corp members hops on vent and I tell him to grab his crow and get his ass over to where we are, his next words were a very confuzzled:



I check the standings breakdown window......yes, the rorq is definitely blue.....however in our overviews + local channel the 2 of them are showing up as neutral..... (He was neutral to my char since im not technically in corp)

So I order him to scram the rorq anyway, which he attempts to do but he had to warp to the belt beacon because he wasn't in fleet, leaving him 100km away. I had warped my carrier on grid and was 20km away from him, but I had removed the normal warp disruptor II included in my normal fit because I wanted the cap to recharge faster for jumping a bunch of stuff.....

I had him locked.

I was in disrupt range.

I had fighters on him.

He was entering armor.

The interceptor gets 30km away.

25km away.

He warps off...

So thanks to ccp and my own stupidity, I missed out on killing a rorq with 6 ships, which I THINK would have been a first..... but oh well, its a funny fraps video at least.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Frustration, stress, FCing, and boredom.

I think all of my eve-related desires could be summed up with an "If only......." statement.

Such as these:

If only I had 60 reliable skilled pvp pilots.....
If only I had a fleet that could take on this 10 man gang in OMS....
If only I had a corporation with people who could fly tech 2 cruisers....
If only I could run 40 man sniperhac fleets....
If only my fleet members knew what "turning brackets off" is
If only I was the FC of this fleet (usually followed by "we would't be in pods")
If only we had 20 capital ships to kill this pos


TBH, I wish I had an army of 60+ mindless zombies who could think for themselves, but never questioned an order....

Not only that, but I could start up a corp right now.....start advertising....and get people to join just because I can say "we can be a good corp, we can kill hostiles, we can fight of griefers, we can join a good alliance in a few years time" But the problem is, we can; is just an empty promise. And just because one guy believes me, doesn't mean the next will.

To give outsiders some insight, an fleet is an extension of their FC, yes their own performance affects the fleets performance. But in the end, win or loose, its the FCs fault. Now, for those of you who have never played eve or been in a real fleet....NOT being the FC is not a bad deal, in fact, I wish I didn't have this desire to be the one in charge. You only have to worry about your own ship, dont have to worry about everyone elses, and you don't have to be concerned about diplomatic matters, and you sure as hell dont have to worry about winning or loosing a fight, which could decide the fate of your alliance.

I used to be the head FC of a crap alliance, while it annoyed me to death that we couldn't get a gang above wasn't all that bad.

I then went and joined up with a badass group of PVPers with 2x as much sp as me, I knew going into it I wouldn't be FCing much.....I didn't think id miss it.

And now im back in a crap corp again, former member of a crap alliance, trying to raise a pheonix from the ashes. Right now we don't have any fleets at all, because im up in faction warfare because the rest of the corp (with the exeption of 2 people) is temporarily in the quietest pocket of lowsec grinding up the gallente standing ive ever seen...

Right now im considering slapping up a thread on the recruitment forums asking people if they want an FC for their decent (and I would make sure that it was) PvP corp, because im sick and tired of not having fleet members to help me pvp. The only thing gluing me to the corp im in atm is loyalty, loyalty to the 2 people in charge because ive flown with them for close to a year on-and-off.

So what should I do?

Well I could try to build the altcorp up with people I recruit, and im going to try this either way to at least supplement the WiOD membership......but its going to be a long hard road, and I think the first thing I need to realize is that its going to be a LONG time before we are doing roaming RRing BS gangs like the pros.

There are 3 kinds of people in eve, the people who create, the people who destroy, and the people who just slip right in with whatever someone else has created. I don't want to be the third, and im tired of being the second, im damn ready to be the former, to actually make a pvp group, even If I have to do it from scratch, or if i have to do it from where someone else left off....

But anyways, ive got 5 days of pure eve before I have to go back to just playing on the weekends.....and unfortunately this dream will probably fade just like all the others have

OOG news: For the third time ive had some charges on my bank account I dont recognize, and now im having to lock my bank account so they can investigate the charges.....meaning my main charachters account will probably be offline for a few weeks.

Blogroll and other things

I seems as though CrazyKinux has discovered my lovely little home, and has added me to his blogroll pack...

My forces fought valiantly against this invasion, but in the end the forces of the Kinux outnumbered us, and our fortress fell....

So now this nation is officially a province of the blogroll.

Also, CK, if you can hear me.....please take me out of the torture cell now, I didn't MEAN to shoot at your people :<.