Thursday, June 9, 2011

My thoughts on Dust 514, global warming, and the current state of eve.

First off, let me say the general "vibe" I've been getting from the eve community in general is very negative when you mention dust 514 and Incarna. First off, I can honestly say I see where they are coming from. Yes, eve is, and always will be a game about spaceships. People thing that focusing on walking in stations and dust 514 will detract from spaceships, which is not necessarily true.

First off, dust. People say it wont work, people say that FPS players are to casual for an MMO, people say that the integration between Eve and and Dust is prone to failure and a bad game mechanic. First off, I have to say that many people who play FPS also play mmo, and these players generally usually have one thing in common: Goals. In a persistant universe, you have goals. This could be trying to get a certain weapon system or ship, or even to find a combination you like. One of the reasons I think dust will make at least a moderate succes is because it uses the same financial system as eve. The fact that tanks, weapons, and armor cost real ISK and are gone for good when they are gone is the same reason eve is such a "different" game is because of this. Even though your re-spawn when you die, the loss is "real" in some aspect. I feel that this will make this the most interesting FPS of all time. Say what you will, dust is thinking out of the box.

Global warming: Its bullshit, earths weather system is cyclical, do you realize how much money is being made off this shit?

Incarna, Its actually pretty cool, here is why. In eve, there is no way you can step back from spaceships. Your trapped in your spaceship, you never leave it. It is truly impossible to immerse yourself in this environment. Incarna, literally, brings a whole new dimension to things. I think corp offices are going to be awesome when they are introduced, and stores/bars will finally give your girlfriends sufficient reason to indulge in eve. I think that this will crank the immersion factor to a whole new level, and give roleplayers a true arena to roleplay in (not that I am a giant fan of that). At least the view of your dreadnought from the gantry is at the very least, plain awesome. As long as I can still shoot spaceships, I dont care what they add.