Thursday, December 24, 2009

Loki on parade

The past few days have been extremely exiting for me. Balder con, a corpmate of mine, has decided to start operation "christmas present" (cheesy, I know) which consists of some veteran members of Maverick navy, Core Impulse, and random mutual friends of ours beating the living crud out of people living in domain.

As I packed up my carrier, I figured I wouldn't fly my loki at all, preferring the heavier Maelstrom for lowsec operations. But after doing some scouting around in the Loki It was determined that the scan probe launcher/cloak/shield buffer setup was invaluable to our operations. This was discovered during this kill (Protip, don't run a mission with hostiles in local). Having the power to not only scan something out, but also tackle and put a fair amount of dps on it my opinion.....worth the cost of the ship.

Speaking of the ship itself, here it is.....because what is a post if it contains no pictures?
She is called the mako, and I do believe it preforms the duties of a shark quite well. Maybe her teeth aren't as sharp as my cynabal or vagabond, but neither of them can warp cloaked and neither of them can find yummy spaceship bits that are hidden in deep space.

Since the abso kill my loki has racked up 12 more kills in the last day, in battles such as this and this (the highlight of my day probably being that loki kill, as I managed to bump both the domi and the other loki off gate so they were unable to jump despite deagressing).

Also, probably the most challenging battle in my opinion happened to be the one with the least amount of isk involved. Me and Ospie were flying around in rifters, and happened across a crow. I got there after he tackled it, after I arrived he promptly died..... Shortly after the first crow went down, a second arrived (conveniently in my scramblers range) and despite taking a lot of damage from the first crow, the second eventually went down as well.

Just to show you how hard it was for me to win this.....please examine exhibit A:

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