Thursday, July 30, 2009

New awesome video from CCP

This video is called "butterfly effect" And it is awesome.

Check it out here.

My internet is fixed.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Haagaroth down...

About the time I was ready to go to bed (0700 eve time) I get a message saying that there is a dread tackled outside of the friendly (Veritas Immortalis) station in n7. I hop in my thanatos carrier and jump to n7 to find that its not just a moros there, but also a thanatos piloted by the famous pilot Haargoth Agamar (the bob defector.)

So, as all the atlas carriers landed on station we first killed Haargoth, and then his friend in a moros.

I was about to go to sleep shortly afterwords, so I headed for home.

And Im kind of glad I did, because somehow, someway this happened. I was looking for battle reports, but could not find anything on the topic....ill keep my ears peeled.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

War in the east

Right now, as I'm typing this post, an atlas fleet of about 200 is sitting on a AAA tower boosting it.

Apparently PL has gone pretty crazy as far as reinforcing all of atlas and allies R64 (dysrpo and others) moons. I am not at all concerned of any impeding "Invasions" because if PL & friends (basically PL and goonswarm) wanted to / could kill us, they would have done it by now.

Personally, me and a LOT of other people in atlas are craving a fight right now...and Its a fight that wont happen for quite a long time unfortunately.

I will be posting any further developments when (and if) they occur.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Children of sol

Welcome to the future of MMO game play.

First of all, we would like to say that we are NOT an eve clone. While CCP did many many things right when making eve, and we would be stupid to throw all of that away, this game is going to have many features and ideas that no other mmo has had.

Events in Children of Sol Universe are set around about 51,000 years from present day within our current galaxy, the Milky Way. This time is also several hundred years after the main factions of humanity make first contact.

There are 2 main Races, or Empires, the House of Kacylis, and the Arkaedos Federation. Both races are genetic descendants of humanity. They are also technologically advanced, near post-scarcity empires, with tens of trillions of inhabitants living in space or on one of many thousands of settled worlds.

Each are striving towards there own version of post-humanism, or the next phase of human evolution. Each faction is also constructing a Great Core, the foundations of Dyson Sphere, used primarily to meet the energy demands of the civilisations.

So what is the experience for the player going to be like? Well, first of all....the players and player-driven organizations are going to have a large impact on the storyline as a whole. This is YOUR game and YOUR story! Weather you are a small time pirate, or a military powerhouse....your alliances and grudges will determine any outcome of the storyline.

I will be making more post about this at a later time, as development continues and more renders are taken. But untill then, some screen shots.

More information can be found at

Monday, July 20, 2009

On the subject of screwing around in a 0.0 alliance.

To be honest, I don't see any problem with people who are fighting a war in 0.0 screwing around in lowsec on occasion. First of all, it helps morale (tremendously) it also keeps people sharp during conflicts where fights are.....less than common (aka most of them)...

So, why do people have a problem with it?

Well, first of all it kind of insults an unwritten rule of strategy....that being something along the lines of "Keep your forces focused and don't split them up". It also inflates corp/alliance killboards with a lot of "useless" kills such as hauler ganks and ratter ganks and the lot. Honestly though...Its fun, I play this game to have fun, and if I cant have fun in a corp then there is no point for my playing the game.

Fortunately for me, I have the option to return to 0.0 at quite literally a moments notice in order to attend the all important call to arms (thank god to jump clones). I also have my carrier alt sitting in a staging system in 0.0 who is ready to go fight all the time.

I suppose most of the fussing comes from my corp quite literally trippling in size over the last few months.....but it seems that the drama lamas are going away and that people are learning to get along.

SO, untill bobby atlas gets his ass in gear and calls a cta....I suppose ill be ganking more things down in yong.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

0.0 Heating up and lowsec chilling out...

Well today has been moderately interesting so far (pretty nice considering its only about 10:00 my time).

First of all, 0.0 is heating up. I have been sitting in a staging system with my carrier alt all day waiting for something or other to happen...

In the meantime I've been screwing around in yong on my main (WITH A DIFFERENT CHARACTER.......shut up AVI, I HAVE BEEN ATTENDING CTAs!).

So far its been pretty productive.

As I was writing this post Our cap fleet was dropped upon a poor hostile fleet trying to seige one of our poses. They unfortunately warped off as soon as the saber un-cloaked (unfortunately killing said saber) but we did score a few kills....which are not on the killboard yet so ill link later.

In either case, things should be pretty interesting this week. And there will be many more posts to come!

Friday, July 17, 2009

A post!

Yes, I have indeed returned.....I think.

I don't want to cover things in to much detail as I'm tired, but here is the basic rundown:
  • Maverick navy joined atlas alliance and we helped take detroid
  • Darkside can use tech 2 large guns \0/
  • I hit 600 career kills the other day
  • RL is getting in the way of eve (Or to be more correct, eve is failing to get in the way of RL)

So for the most part that is it. Hopefully I will have some more interesting stories later (such as this one here). But until then ill be somewhere in 0.0 screwing with someone....somewhere.