Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well im back for the most part

I took a pretty big arse hiatus for a while. Not from eve, but from the blogosphere all together.

I have been very busy as of lately, school has been a biotch and is only getting more intense this time of year....and a new relationship is chewing up a lot of my free time.

I think that only being 16, which is a few years younger than the average age eve player according to the most recent demographics......is really taking its toll on my time playing and blogging. I have a car, I can drive, and I have friends..... that is 90% of why this happens. But I don't plan on quitting eve, maybe for a few months until the dust settles but I don't plan on canceling my sub or anything.....

Anyways, I think that its due time I say what has been up in the eve world as of lately...

Right now, my corp just left (Or is about to, I'm only mentioning it as all of our assets are already evacuated from the former space) the (fail) alliance PMS (puppet masters) and we are going to piwate around domain for a while while we look for more fun things to do.

As of my eve life, I just finished training for medium tech 2 projectiles, so I'm having fun flying my (more effective) Rapier, as well as a cynabal I picked up on contract market for cheap.

I still think that faction cruisers are waaaaay UP, but this one is actually useful to a degree. 2.1km/s top speed (3.4 when overloaded IIRC) and about 150dps of tank. Its like a toned down stabber, more dps, and slower, but you can actually tank the 1 AF that manages to scramble you every once in a great unlucky while (never happened to me, it was a rifter and not an AF).

I'm still not sure what to do with myself in eve to be honest, I know for sure im sticking with my current corp. But I think I no longer have much of an interest of being a big important leadership person. Don't get me wrong, I intend to FC for a long time to come.......

Now thats not to say that I wouldn't take an opportunity like that if It were for the better of the mavs, but whatever.

I am looking foreword to a (not fail) alliance though, I definitely want to use my carrier in a fight with reliable support. That and maybe some capital ganks in the domain area (MVN have already killed a rorq and a chimera I missed out on).

In either case, ill be posting with more regularity now.....or so I think : /.