Monday, May 23, 2011

Win some loose some

This week has been an interesting one in Auctorita Alliance. As my first real stint as alliance leader I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to draw every last ounce of participation we have out of us. Up until last night our battleship gangs have been somewhat lackluster (we managed to barely managed to squeeze out a victory against some new arrivals, but ended up using triage carriers and still lost the Isk war due to some drunken mistakes). On the other hand, our nano gangs into curse have been IMMENSELY successful. We have been fighting outnumbered vs the residents of doril in curse who, as it would appear, have tried to adopt anti-nano tactics, but haven't quite perfected them yet.

Somehow we have jumped from having avg 10 man fleets to avg 15-20 man fleets overnight, which is something I won't argue with. Despite our current standard for pvp we have been recruiting people who seem somewhat "green", but despite this we haven't been taking heavy losses, and have been isk positive in all but one fight.....where we got involved in a slugfest outnumbered here. In that fight we had 2 triage carriers and the hostile gang had 6 guardians and 2 falcons, so as you can tell we were fighting uphill a bit more than we were prepared for.

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